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Women's Only Classes

If you have a group and the interest, any class can be a Women's Only class!

Interested in joining in for TAC- Ladies' Only Range Time? We will meet monthly for "Hotcakes and Handguns" or "Targets and Tea".  We'll have some social time and shooting time, accompanied by our favorite RSO. Contact Kim at takeaimcarolina@gmail.com for more information. 


A special interest group with Take AIm Carolina that is dedicated to women and firearms.  This group is geared toward women that have no experience and wanting to get involved, but not sure how or where to get involved, along with women with experience seeking a group to meet with concerning issues women face with firearms.  This group meets throughout the summer and provides a social outing for women to meet and discuss firearm views from a women's perspective and includes shooting time at the range after the social event at a local sponsored restaurant. 

Please contact Kim at TAC for more details and check our calendar for upcoming events.

Women's Intro to Pistols

This course is not an NRA course.  The course is designed for women that would like an introduction to firearms before making a decision to obtain their concealed carry handgun permit or to become educated on the safe operation, function and care of handguns.  This class is a great class to take for an introduction if your knowledge of pistols is none to limited. The class will take part in both class room and range time and will last approximately 4 hours.  Lady’s will learn the difference between revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. We will discuss the rules for safe gun handling; pistol parts and operation; ammunition; shooting fundamentals; shooting from the Weaver and isosceles position as well as the low ready position and cleaning the pistol. This class may be used as a precursor for the NC Justice Academy Concelaed Carry Class.   It will prepare you for the CCH class, both in the classroom and in the shooting qualification test.  This class is not the same as a Concealed Carry Handgun Class for Women only.  We do offer a women’s only Concealed Carry Handgun Class.

The objective of this class is to give women an opportunity to discuss openly their concerns, issues and potential insecurity with firearms regardless of intent.  Your goal maybe just to make sure you are safe knowing you have firearms in your home.

Eye and Ear protection required for all shooting classes.  If you don’t have eye and ear protection, please feel free to use our equipment. 

Cost: $50/$75

*Note - the $75 option gives the student the availability of trying over 30 different handuns in order to experience the differences in size, shape, and funtion as related to women.  You will also be supplied with one box (50) rounds that consist of 22 cal., 380 cal. & 9mm.

Time: 4 hrs

Women's NC Concealed Carry Handgun

Class Description: This is the NC Department of Justice approved NC Concealed Carry class required to obtain an NC Conceal Carry Permit.  The class runs 8+ hours.  You must have this class to obtain a permit form your local sheriff’s office.  You must meet all NC and your county qualification to obtain your permit as well.  After successfully passing the exam you will relocate to the range and fire 50 rounds from 3, 5 & 7 yards at a silhouette target.  Range time can be scheduled at a different time if you choose the two day class.  Our classes are scheduled in an all day , one day class from 8-5 or can be broken down in to a two day class.  You may also contact us for custom classes.  We offer women’s only classes and couples only classes.  You must qualify with your pistol to receive your certificate.    If you don’t own a pistol I will supply one with ammo for additional fees.  For more details, please contact us.

Eye and Ear protection required for all shooting classes.  If you don’t have eye and ear protection, please feel free to use our equipment. 

Cost: $80.00


NRA Refuse To Be A Victim

A must for all independent women!  RTBAV is a class designed to teach participants to be better prepared to defend yourself.  The class is designed to improve personal safety by using proactive strategies and defining techniques and tactics that can be used to help avoid becoming an easy victim of crime, predators, mutual preparedness, home security, workplace security, web security, domestic violence, stalking, automobile and traveling safety. 

Cost:  $40.00

Time:  4 hours                                           NO FIREARMS OR RANGE TIME INCLUDED.

*Discounted price available for groups of 20 or more.  Contact us for church, school, business or family classes.  Awareness is the key!

Women's Only Aware & Prepared 

This class focuses on situational awareness in day to day situations. In addition, the participants will practice basic moves and strategies for creating distance and opportunities to escape from potentially dangerous scenarios.  Participants should be willing/able to engage in physical movements, holds, and activities. Mats are provided. Comfortable clothing and athletic shoes should be worn.

Time: 2 hours

Cost:  $25.00

*This is a non-firearm class.