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TAC  COVID-19- Update on CCH classes

As we say in our classes, SAFETY is our #1 priority.  Our motto is "Train Hard, Train Safe, and Go Home".  Unfortunately, there is no more important time to be at home.  To comply with the government recommendations, TAC is transitioning to VIRTUAL/BLENDED classes.  We feel that these are appropriate guidelines for help keeping our community safe.  

COVID - 19 has forced us to change our way of life, so at TAC we have decided to grasp this new way and move forward with our plan to go digital with many of our courses, registrations, etc.  We had planned to start this process in July, but we now find the time to offer this new process earlier and we are excited to serve our firearm community with the latest technology.


We will now offer the following courses online via a virtual blended class.  These classes will be live with an instructor and will have the same content as our personal onsite classes.

NRA Basic Pistol

NRA Gun Safety Seminar

NRA Basic Rifle

NRA Personal Protection inside the Home

NC CCH (note - this will be the same requirements by the state.  It is not a shorter or easier class.  The contact time, law section, firearm section are all the same and will take the same time to complete as before)


Intro to Pistol - Non Shooting version


Complete courses online only.  These courses will be pay-per-view and will offer a certificate of completion.  They will not require range time.

How to clean my handgun?

The top ten things I should/should not do now that I have my CCH.

How to select a handgun for personal defense?

How to respond to an officer when stopped and I have my firearm?

For women only!

How do I keep up with all the state laws when I travel?

How do I travel with a firearm?

How to I protect my children if there are firearms in the home?

We are OPEN for PRIVATE LESSONS.  Please call or email us for  details and available dates.