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NRA CCW Course


Welcome to Take Aim Carolina!

 We are proud to present the first NRA concealed carry weapons (CCW) course and the NRA concealed carry instructor level course in our area.  In fact, we are proud to be the first company in the North Carolina area to offer these NRA courses.

 Approximately a year ago, we were selected to participate in the NRA charter group of one instructor from each state at the NRA National Conference in Dallas, Texas to pilot the initial NRA CCW course.  A year later, we can now officially offer the course to the public.  I applaud the NRA and their efforts to create the first national level concealed carry course.

 But of coarse, who else other than the NRA would have worked so hard, and diligently to produce a dedicated course to ensure the safety, education, and protection while advocating for our American freedom to possess, own and protect ourselves and country.  We are just honored to do a little part by bringing this great course to the Greensboro Community and the great state of North Carolina.

 Course Objective

 The objective of this course is to teach the basic knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to carry a concealed pistol for personal protection.

 Class Description/Levels

This is an NRA course.  A potential student, upon completion of this course will obtain the NRA CCW course completion certificate and with the combination of the North Carolina Department of Justice Concealed Carry course will be awarded all rights and privileges from course completion. 

Level one (Core Training) $150.00

Core training is for the candidate that needs all lessons in order to complete the requirement for NRA CCW and will require participation in both days.

Day 1  Core Training

Morning classroom (8-12) - Lessons 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, & 10

Afternoon classroom (1-6) - Lessons - NC DOJ CCH Law, The legal use of deadly force, basic defensive strategy to include situational awareness, threat assessment, conflict avoidance and shoot or no shoot scenarios along with the aftermath of a shooting.

Level two (Essential Training)

Essentials training is for the candidate that has already completed his/her NRA basic pistol, NRA BP instructor, BIT, and NC DOJ concealed carry and does not need to attend both days.  A candidate for essential training will only need to attend day 2 essential training.

Day 2  Essentials Training

Morning classroom (8-12) - Lessons 1, 4, 7, & 8

Afternoon range qualification (1-6) Lessons 5 & 6, all skill drills and all qualifications

NRA CCW instructor candidates will meet all the above criteria (NRA CCW) in addition to completing their basic instructor training (BIT), separate instructor level qualification, and teaching the course to other potential instructors on the final day.

 Level of Training

 This course is considered an advanced class, however, it can be tailored and adapted to any shooting experience and level of training.


Students must demonstrate shooting proficiency via a score of 80/100 or 80% to receive a Course Completion Certificate In addition, a student will be required to meet all qualifications required by the NC DOJ.

Course Outline

The below course outline will be used and represents various lessons in this course.  The lessons will be conducted based on the candidates experience level.  In other words, one group may need all the lessons (minimal level of experience) while current CCH holders will require only specific lessons.  Furthermore, instructor candidates may need only a few lessons in order to teach NRA CCW.  Please contact us for more details.

*Please note – All candidates will be required to take the safety lessons regardless of experience level.

Lesson 1: Firearm Safety (1 hour)

Lesson 2: Pistol Nomenclature and Selecting a Pistol for Self-Defense (2 hours)

Lesson 3: Ammunition Knowledge and Defensive Ammunition Selection (1 hour)

Lesson 4: Basic Defensive Pistol Skills (2 hours)

Lesson 5: Drawing from Concealment (2 hours)

Lesson 6: Loading and Stoppage Remediation (2 hours)

Lesson 7: Mindset, Responding to an Attack and the Aftermath (2 hours)

Lesson 8: Carry Modes and Pistol Concealment (2 hours)

Lesson 9: Firearm Cleaning and Maintenance (1 hour)

Lesson 10: Sport Shooting and Training Activities (1 hour)

Course Requirements/Time requirements

 As noted, course requirements are dependent upon the candidates experience and various other certifications. 

Candidates Requirements

For participants to be successful in this course, they should have the following items, either personally owned or provided.

Quality Pistol appropriate for concealed carry – recommend minimum of 9mm or .38 Special 

Quality Strong Side Hip Holster – recommend form fitted leather or kydex, must cover trigger/trigger guard 

Quality Belt, designed to carry a holster and a firearm strongly recommended 

Quality ammunition suitable for practice. Encourage students to have at least two hundred rounds. 

Spare magazines or speed loaders with appropriate pouches – at least two additional (3 total) 

Clothing appropriate for concealed carry 

Eye protection 

Hearing protection - recommend electronic 

Time Requirements 

The NRA CCW course will require between 1 and 16 hours; however, it is objective based and allows for maximum flexibility in scheduling. The course length is an estimate; actual experience may vary. Gaining experience instructing from these lesson plans will assist in determining actual course length. Instructors teaching NRA Concealed Carry for the first time, those mentoring new instructors, or those who do not have the support of an instructor team may need to factor in additional time.  As stated, the course is objective based and the length of time for completion is dependent on many factors like, experience level, shooting ability, lesson content and which lessons a candidate must complete.  Call for details and an estimate of time to complete.


As noted, course requirements are dependent upon the candidate's experience and various other certifications.  The cost assessment is based on your current level of experience and lessons needed to satisfactorily complete the course.  A range for the basic lessons would be from $125.00 - $150.00.  The instructor level range is $300.00 -$400.00.  Below is a general idea of the course cost for each level.

NRA CCW - Core Training ( I need all lessons and NC CCH)  Cost - $150.00

NRA CCW - Essential Training ( I have my NRA basic pistol, CCH and/or instructor level)  Cost - $125.00

Instructor level - Core Training (I need all lessons, CCH and BIT) Cost - $500.00

Instructor course breakdown:

NRA CCW Core/Essentials - $ 100.00 (discounted $50 if taken with TAC)

Basic Instructor Training (BIT) - $100.00

NRA CCW Instructor course and qualification - $300.00

Please contact us for an accurate cost assessment based on your needs.