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Kayli Smith


Wow! My husband and I just finished our CCH Course and we are on cloud 9! First, Lewis and Kim got us in to a private class quickly (right now there are no classes with an opening with any other company until January AND no private lessons are offered with these other company?s from what we researched). Second, Lewis and Kim made the educational portion of the course interactive, interesting and gave information that will stick with my husband and I for a long time. We were then able to go to the range the next day to practice shooting (due to COVID our educational portion was on a zoom call on Saturday and we got to the range the next day, Sunday). This was the HIGHLIGHT for me. I have never actually practiced shooting a gun before. Not only did they give great instruction, they had many protocols in place to make our experience SAFE. My husband and I had an AMAZING time and literally called all of our friends to let them know about Lewis and Kim. We will definitely be back for more classes!

K. Bunch


lewis and kim are awesome instructors giving all students premium attention to the complete conceal carry concept.
the course was fun, well taught, and comprehensive. everyone gained full knowledge on the mandatory rules and regulations of having a conceal carry permit--it's a long day and well worth it--be prepared to spend all day until dark to get your moneys worth--you will, as we did, and we are signing up our friends for more courses, and will take some of TAC's advancece courses as well-0-thanks lewis and kim--yall are the masters--k. bunch

Tammy Nichols


Today I participated in the TAC Intro to Pistols course. We had a small class of 3 and that was perfect. I had a 380 I had shot before and a 9mm I had never shot. Most importantly, I wanted to ensure I knew how to handle my weapon safely, knew how to maintain it and gain confidence and skill in how to use it. This class delivered! Range time and instruction was awesome. I started nervous but excited and finished feeling confident and safe. I came home and cleaned both of my weapons now that I know what to do. Thanks again! I'll be looking at other class offerings!

Jeff McMahon

Lewis and Kim are two of the best people that you could possibly meet. The class was presented in a very professional and safe manner. From the minute that you walk in the classroom they make you feel comfortable and confident. They not only teach you but also support and encourage you. I am excited about taking some more classes at Take Aim Carolina and look forward to taping into the wealth of knowledge that Lewis and Kim possess.

Charles Campbell

CC and TAC 1
Super instructors and really fun!!!
Lewis and Kim, are great teachers and fun to be around, highly recommend them! I plan on doing all my training with them. Thanks tac team...

Anthony Meley
a week ago-

Class was all I expected and more. Great knowledgeable instructor and staff. They made it educational, informational and fun all at the same time. I can't wait to sign up for another class. Top notch company

Clayton Sturges
a week ago

Absolutely first rate instruction from a gifted teacher. Lewis demystifies concealed carry and creates an environment of learning and confidence. I cannot recommend this class highly enough.

Joe Moua
5 months ago

The best place ever to receive a CCH in the state of North Carolina. Lewis and Kim are both fantastic instructors. They are very informative and detail in their presentation. I can definitely see their passion for teaching. Which makes

Crystal R
5 months ago

I've taken 2 classes with TAC so far, and plan to return for more! Kim and Lewis are fantastic instructors who share their vast knowledge in a fun, inviting, family-oriented atmosphere! If you've never held a gun before, sign up for an

Jeff Hayes

Common Sense delivery at a student driven pace
Everything about the class was first rate. Kim and Lewis followed up impeccably both in addressing my questions during the sign up process and providing the pre-class information package in a timely fashion.
Lewis presents a ton of information in a very genuine manner seamlessly relating complicated concepts to real world situations. Safety is the platform upon which all the instruction is anchored. Both the inexperienced and the seasoned shooter can gain an increased appreciation for the importance of safety in all aspects oh handgun ownership.
The classroom setting was excellent, fellow students were terrific and Kim made sure everything ran to schedule and that we were comfortable with the venue.
One last comment. I was not a first time shooter but I left the range (wonderful facilities by the way) a much better marksman due to Lewis making adjustments to my grip. He watched my patterns, decided I was not totally hopeless and offered a suggestion. My results showed dramatic improvement. Only someone with years of experience and a desire to "teach" can observe, diagnose and correct right there on the firing line. To me, that's value added.
I will recommend these people and their services every chance I get.

scott romine
Intro to Pistol class
I signed my daughter (13) up for an Intro to Pistol course and it was excellent. It was the first time she had shot any gun, so she was a little nervous, but Lewis immediately put her at ease. The instruction was expert and thorough, both on safety issues and shooting technique. By the end of the class, my daughter was loading clips, clearing jams, and shooting pretty well--and more importantly, doing it safely. Lewis and Kim also did a great job teaching her about different guns and ammunition, and we got to shoot a number of them, from .22s to a .45. All-in-all, a great class with great instructors.

Jaycee and Heather Hofbauer

Level of detailed information and help
I would like to take a moment and offer a sincere thank you to Lewis, Kim and Take Aim Carolina for providing us with the concealed carry handgun course. Lewis was so accommodating to our schedules by providing an individual course explicitly for my wife and me. We were familiar with handguns but certainly no experts. Lewis was so incredibly knowledgeable and he explained everything from gun specifics, safety and Law in full detail. We learned so much during the classroom portion of the course. He never made us feel pressured with any timeline constraints also he did not make us feel embarrassed about our lack of knowledge. We asked a lot of questions. When it came to the range portion of the course, Lewis informed us that TAC also offered handgun rentals. We took advantage of this opportunity prior to us purchasing our own. This worked out well because the gun that I liked, I had not even considered prior. At the range he helped with our form, grip and aiming so within a couple minutes Lewis had us shooting accurately. I cannot say enough about TAC and I would recommend TAC to anyone looking for Firearm training. Thanks for a life changing day and our first step into a larger world. We will see you soon in our next training session.

Nicole Lovejoy

Carry Concealed Handgun
The range, of course.
Highly recommend T.A.C! Really enjoyed the training with Louis and Kim. Very informative and interactive. They kept it interesting making an 8 hour day fun. I really appreciate the extra time they took with me on my aim and allowing me to try different guns so I can decide what I was comfortable with. I'll definitely be bringing my kids to the gun safety class. Thanks again guys!!! Glad I took this class with you.

Ticara Brown

CCH/Basic Combo
Dual Class
Lewis and Kim-what can I say-they broke the mold when they made you both. Even though it took Lewis-2 others to figure it out-Kim is a Diamond. I have been terrified of guns most of my life, and it took over 6 months for me to decide to take the class. The classroom information was spot on and helped in understanding basic concepts as well as NC laws. I cried on the way to the range-but they assured me I would make it through. I passed qualifying with 28/30. Thanks again and I'll be back for more classes and range assistance.

Rebecca Huneycutt

Awesome teachers
Thank you Kim and Lewis so much for teaching Joey and I what we need to know about concealed carry. You both were so much help and had great advice to give. Very welcoming. You made me more confident about having a gun. We will most definitely be coming back for more classes.

Becky Tesko

CCH class
Best class ever! I would recommend it to everyone!
I got my CCH thanks to these wonderful folks! Great class, great experience, always so informative. If it weren't for Kim and Lewis Newman I probably still would not have done this. They are wonderful people and will always be my go to for continued training and learning new skills. Thanks so much Kim and Lewis, you guys are the best!

Jim Heasley

CCH/NRA Basic Pistol
Knowledegable, personalized instruction
I attended the CCH/NRA Basic Pistol class, and was warmly welcomed by Lewis and Kim; their knowledgeable, personalized instruction was evident throughout the entire class - I highly recommend anyone interested in concealed carry/pistol classes give them a call!

Reg Robinson

Personal Protection In The Home
Excellent Instruction
Today I took the NRA Personal Protection In The Home class. This is my second class with Take Aim Carolina and I truly find it difficult to express how impressed I am with the instruction offered by Lewis Newman. He has the knowledge, the scope and the drills to get you on track.
Not only am I excited about my next NRA class with TAC, I'm looking forward to a few of their tailored classes as well.
Keep it real TAC, I like what you're doing!!

Reg Robinson
NRA Basic Pistol
Down to Earth

I had the pleasure of not only taking instruction from Lewis Newman but I also met other members of the Newman family.
Take Aim Carolina is made up of knowledgeable, good-hearted, regular people with the right attitude for teaching which is highly commendable by today's standards.
No matter where you are in NC the ride is definitely worth the service. Great job Lewis and thanks. I will be back!


Reg Robinson

NRA Basic Pistol
Very Down To Earth!
I had the pleasure of not only taking instruction from Lewis Newman but I also met other members of the Newman family.
Take Aim Carolina is made up of knowledgeable, good-hearted, regular people with the right attitude for teaching which is highly commendable by today's standards.
No matter where you are in NC the ride is definitely worth the service. Great job Lewis and thanks. I will be back!


Bee Felder

NRA Basic Pistol women only
ease of registration, professional website ordering with paypal
Thank you Lewis & Kim Newman for an informative & Amazing class. It was extremely obvious that you guys did more than just teach a Basic Pistol course. You went above and beyond what I expected.. Thank you for your diligence shown to each participant, and I look forward to attending other classes with TAC

Malea Jones

TAC Class
I wanted to thank TAC for an enjoyable and informative day.
I learned so much and never felt pressured or embarrassed
about my lack of knowledge. I look forward to taking some
future classes and gaining more confidence in my security

Quint Jones

Family Environment
Great Class, family environment, friendly and helpful.