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Defensive Shooting Package

NEW FOR 2020

Get it all in one two day course!

2020 TAC Defensive Shooting Advanced Course

TAC Defensive Pistol (Level 4)

The goal of this class is to prepare the student for advanced shooting and real world firearm self-defense.  This type of class is often referred to as defensive hand guns, close quarters battle, combat shooting, etc.  The intent of this course is to provide an advanced concealed carry recipient higher level training and shooting scenarios.

The TAC defensive pistol course should only be attended by experienced shooters.  You will be required to pass a pre-course qualification or submit equivalent documentation, as well as complete a pre-course evaluation.  This class will be conducted with small groups of experienced shooters and will have significant time on the range.  A candidate for this course must have obtained their NRA basic pistol course, and/or their NCJA concealed carry permit. In this course you will be required to own and bring you own ammo and firearm along with several magazines/speed loaders, holster and gear.  You will need approximately 300-400 rounds.  Your firearm should be a high quality, high capacity semi-automatic.   You will get advanced lessons in reloading, target acquisitions, multiple targets, multiple shooting positions, shooting on the move, shooting from cover and concealment.

This class is limited to 6 students per class.

Eye and Ear protection required for all shooting classes. 

Price: $500.00                       NO AMMO ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM!

Time: Two 8 hours days

This course includes NRA CCW, NRA Defensive pistol, NRA PPITH, First Aid for Gun Shot Management and TAC Defensive pistol level 1 certifications.

LUNCH INCLUDED BOTH DAYS!  A total of over $700.00 if taken separately.