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North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Class

Class Description:

This is the NC Department of Justice approved NC Concealed Carry class required to obtain an NC Conceal Carry Permit.  The class runs 8+ hours.  You must have this class to obtain a permit form your local sheriff’s office.  You must meet all NC and your county qualification to obtain your permit as well.  After successfully passing the exam you will relocate to the range and fire 50 rounds from 3, 5 & 7 yards at a silhouette target.  Range time can be scheduled at a different time if you choose the two day class.  Our classes are scheduled in an all day , one day class from 8-6 or can be broken down in to a two day class.  You may also contact us for custom classes.  We offer women’s only classes and couples only classes.  You must qualify with your pistol to receive your certificate.  If you don’t own a pistol I will supply one with ammo for additional fees.  For more details, please contact us.   (See Gun and Ammo rentals under Class Descriptions for more details)

Eye and Ear protection required for all shooting classes.  If you don’t have eye and ear protection, please feel free to use our equipment. 

Cost: $80.00

Time:  8+hours                                    NO AMMO ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM!