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Class Descriptions


We provide many different classes to meet your Personal Protection needs. Our goal is to provide the very best instruction in a family friendly environment to take the stress out of learning how to protect yourself and your loved ones. We strive to always deliver an honest, fair opportunity for the student to achieve their Personal Protection goals. 

We Offer the Following Classes:  (Click on Category for Class Descriptions)

NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Led  $80.00

Combo NRA Basic Pistol & NC CCH  $100.00

NRA                                    TAC                                       WOMEN ONLY                 

Basic Pistol          (8hrs/$80)          Concealed Carry   (8hrs/$80)      *** Women’s Intro to Pistols     (4hrs/$50)

Basic Shotgun     (8hrs/$80)      ***Intro to Pistols       (4hrs/$50/$75)     Women’s Concealed Carry (8hrs/$80)

1st Step Pistol      (4hrs/$40)          Intro to Shotguns   (4hrs/$40)            NRA Women On Target     (4hrs/$65)

1st Step Shotgun (4hrs/$40)          Intro to Rifles          (4hrs/$40)           ***Refuse to be a Victim      (4hrs/$40)

1st Step Rifle       (4hrs/$40)          Home Firearms Safety  (2hrs/$25)       Women's Defense            (4hrs/$50)

*PPITH               (8hrs/$125)         Gun Cleaning 101  (1hr/$25 kit included)

**PPOTH             (14hrs/$200)      Sighting in your rifle  (2hrs/$25)

Refuse to be a Victim (4hrs/$40)    TAC 1 Defensive shooting (3hrs/$75)

Range Safety Officer  (10hrs/$100)        

CHIEF RSO ($225)                   

Basic Rifle                   (8hr/$80)

Home Firearms Safety (4hrs/$40)

NRA Basic Instructor Course - 2 days

($350 with $100.00 non-refundable deposit)


NRA Basic Instructor CCW Course - 2 days

($475 with $100.00 non-refundable deposit)

Call for details


KIDS                                   SPECIAL OPPORTUNITIES         PERSONAL PROTECTION

Eddie Eagle Programs  (1hr/$5)                 Custom Classes                              Home Defense         (4hrs/$40)

Youth Intro to Firearms (1hr/$15)               Private or Small Group Lessons     Women’s Defense    (4hrs/$40)

Teen Intro to Firearms  (90min/$20)           Mobile TAC                                     Couple’s Defense     (2hrs/$50)

TAC KIDS! (90min/$20)                              First Aid/CPR/AED (8hrs/$75)       

                                                                    Couples Only                                 

                                                                                                          Concealed Carry      (8hrs/$80)

                                                                                                         TAC !Defensive Pistol- L1 (3hrs/$75)      

                                                                   *Personal Protection in the Home  L2 (10hrs/$125)

                                                       **Personal Protection outside the Home**PPOTH L3 (14hrs/$200)

                                                                                                             Defensive Pistol- L4  (2 days/$325)

Tactical Emergency Medical Plan (TEMP) (6hrs/$100)

(TEMP) as above with TAC-FAK                (6hrs/$250) IFAK by My Medic  Shield IFAK 

Please visit https://mymedic.us/ for details on kit

EDC/Bug Out Bag    (2hrs/$25)

EDC/Bug Out Bag as above with Bag (varies from $50-150)


Nearly any class can be taught to Women Only or Couples and special groups.

Ask about host benefits for reserving a night or hosting a class at your home, business, church or clubhouse!