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About Us

Take Aim Carolina is a family friendly educational company that takes pride in providing Personal Protection Classes for our citizens. We believe, as Americans it is our right to defend and protect ourselves, our families and loved ones from harm's way. We offer concealed carry handgun classes, NRA classes, kids, couples, and women only classes on self defense and protection.

About Me

Our TAC team family is excited to promote and defend our rights as free Americans.  So really, this isn’t really about me, but about us.  I was raised in a traditional southern family with a mother and father that believed in what is right. They never had all of the answers and we certainly didn’t have it made.  I graduated from high school, attempted to go to college on my own and made it one semester before running out of money.  Where I grew up, after high school you either got a job or went into the Army.  After deciding I had no money or other financial assistance, I headed straight to Uncle Sam!  Luckily for me my Uncle was willing and waiting upon my arrival.  I went on to serve my country both in the Army and the Navy.  In the Army, I decided to pursue the medical field as a Physician Assistant.  After the military,I graduated from the Medical College of Georgia and spent 11 years at Duke University in heart surgery and another 2 years in Greensboro both in heart surgery and Emergency Medicine.  As my oldest son starting growing up, I felt the need to help improve our school system and education, so I changed carreers and became a teacher. I have been teaching and coaching for 14 years now. 

As our times continue to change, our values seem to erode, our families seem to fall part, our government continues to grow out of control and media highlights it all, I find myself again wanting to make a difference.  Our family was watching Duck Dynasty and discussing family values and how important they are when the idea of Take Aim Carolina struck us.  We have all had the great pleasure of shooting, hunting, fishing, and loving the great American outdoors.  With all of the news today about mass shootings and  the current government's threat to take away our second amendment rights, we knew it was time.

About our Family

For us, it is all about  family.  In this case, we are willing to extend our family to any American that still loves this country.  We have always supported, what I call the Great “Fs”.  That is Faith, Family, Football, Fishing and Firearms.  As our company grows Faith, Family, & Firearms will surely become our motto.  We are a great blended family that GOD has put together.  Each one of my kids is special, unique and came together due to some special circumstance.  And as I get older, I realize just how much work I have to do to continue to build my faith.  I hope this is my next mission.  My family is full of faith and we hope to share our love for faith, family and firearms with others to defend our freedoms and teach the positive aspects of being an American gun owner.  We are not gun-toting, redneck, gang members that want to place other people at risk.  We accept all people in this country as Americans with rights to life, liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness.

Our Website!

Just like everything we do, our family has together created this website.  From the name of our company to ther2ba logo that my youngest daughter came up with; we created this website to assist you, our future family members, in the quest to defend our country and protect our families by becoming educated in the ownership of firearms.  Please take the time check out the site.  If you have questions about our classes or services, please feel free to contact us.  If you call and I don’t answer, please keep in mind I might be on the range or teaching a class.   Please leave us a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Why attend our classes?  I believe the first reason is to help us all join together to reunite America.  It is time we defend our rights, protect our families and protect what is ours.  The second reason to take these types of courses is because our family believes in order to change something you need to be educated on the facts, not what the public media wants us to know.  In our classes you will hear just how important gun ownership is today and will leave the classes with confidence that firearms aren’t the enemy.  Lack of education, the breakdown of our family support structures, poverty and drugs are a few of our bigger obstacles.  With those obstacles in our way, you better have a plan today to both defend your family and be prepared in case it all gets out of control.  What we call in the south "when SHTF".

What you can get from our classes? 

A hands-on, safe, relaxed, family environment where you and your family are welcome; we truly want you to leave these classes feeling safer, confident and a part of something bigger.

Our classes are designed with family in mind, period.  I am not interested in just handing out certificates so you can get your concealed carry handgun permit.  I believe in a change in your lifestyle, so you become a free, confident safe American. We want you to feel safe to go home, go shopping or just spend a day in the park.  Due to this belief, I limit my classes to a handful of students in each class. My classes are small so I can give you the attention you deserve. Our goal is for you to leave here happy, knowledgeable and secure.