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Take Aim Carolina

Firearm Training & Concealed Carry              
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September Classes are now available!


Thanks for all of your support over the last years at

Lindsay Street.  We will be moving just off of

Highway 421 and much closer to the range! 

We will be closed from June 27- August 31. 

Classes are available for September!

Go to our calendar to find a date!

Hope to see you there for classes!


TAC  COVID-19- Update on CCH classes

As we say in our classes, SAFETY is our #1 priority.  Our motto is "Train Hard, Train Safe, and Go Home".  Unfortunately, there is no more important time to be at home.  To comply with the government recommendations, TAC is transitioning to VIRTUAL/BLENDED classes.  We feel that these are appropriate guidelines for help keeping our community safe.  

Please know that we are monitoring the situation closely and following all state and federal guidelines. 


Unfortunately, due to the spread of COVID-19, the supply of guns & ammo is becoming limited.  We will continue to meet your needs with gun/ammo rental; however, due to the increase in price, class rentals will be limited to 22 caliber only.  No other ammo will be sold right now.

GUN SALES will continue.  We will continue to order the guns you want as long as our distributors have them in stock.  Please contact us for details.

Also, please see our FIREARM SALES page for new & used guns that we have in stock. Ammo can be ordered in bulk through our distributors while supplies last.  Prices are changing daily.  All sales can be picked up during office hours on Wednesdays from 4-8pm.  Otherwise, office hours will be by appointment only, at this time.

**WE ARE NO LONGER RECEIVING TRANSFERS (temporarily) at this time. If you are having a firearm shipped, please use a different FFL dealer until further notice.

*Please note that this is our plan. It is subject to change if required/recommended by the government or CDC. 


One Hour Safety seminars

NRA certificate  issued at the end of the course

1 hour/$30

Perfect pre-requisite for Permit to PURCHASE 




Concealed Carry classes can be made private for groups/ families. 

The cost is $500 for up to 6 people. $80 for each additional person.

the Mass Shooter Workshop

Click here for CHURCH SECURITY in the news!

Thanks to all who joined us for the Church Security workshop!

We hope you received some valuable information that you never need.

We will repeat this seminar again in the summer.

At Take Aim Carolina, we offer firearm training for all levels.  Never touched a gun?  Try our Intro to Handguns or Firearm Safety in the Home Classes.  Already have shooting experience? Come to us for your NC Concealed Carry Class or more advanced Personal Protection classes. Take Aim Carolina is based in Greensboro, NC. If you are a proud American looking to protect yourself or your family, our team of experts can help provide the resources and solutions you need.

Our family based company is here to assist by providing a wide range of services at affordable prices. Please contact us to speak with an experienced member of our staff, or simply e-mail us at us at your convenience.

Please see our calendar of upcoming classes.

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Great News for our students!

Take Aim Carolina has joined together with US LawShield to provide our students with the ability to carry with confidence.  Take Aim Carolina and US LawShield of North Carolina have joined forces to assist firearm owners the ability to protect themselves and their family by providing a firearm legal defense program.

For more information, please visit

In addition, any student that signs up for US Law Shield of North Carolina during our class will get a automatic an $10.00 discount on future classes.

TAC Gift Certificate - Buy your loved one self-protection. 

Available for all classes!